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Sports Minister: Govt will intervene in football, FIFA ban or not – SCORE NIGERIA


The Federal Government will intervene in the running of football in the country because Nigeria is sovereign nation and the sport is “critical” and “everyone has a stake”, according to Sports Minister John Enoh.
World football governing body FIFA have banned countries on account of interference of government in the running of the sport.
“Football cannot just be the exclusive preserve of some people. I won’t keep quiet because of fear of FIFA ban,” stated the minister in an interview today with Eagle7 FM.
“There are interests and emotions of Nigerians, who expect that our football be run properly and that we get results.
“Football is the responsibility of the NFF, but Government will periodically intervene and support.
“Nigeria is a sovereign country and I have my reservations on FIFA ban.”
Nigeria’s hopes of qualifying for the 2026 World Cup are in shambles as they are second from bottom in Group C after four rounds of matches.
The minister said failure to qualify for the World Cup back-to-back is not acceptable.
“We almost won the AFCON (in February) and now we’re struggling to qualify for the World Cup,” he said.
“Nigerians won’t accept non-qualification for the World Cup.
“Everybody has a stake in the game, we all as a country played the last AFCON.”

For so long as government desists from dabbling in the Internal Affairs of the NFF, I do not expect any problem between Nigeria’s government and FIFA. The problem with Nigerian government officials is, they love to exercise their “bigmanism” even when they are servants o, by intervening in the internal affairs of sporting bodies because they still believe in the dated saying that whoever pays the piper dictates the tune…
Minister. Enoh, when FIFA finishes with you ehn, your employer will begin to question your ability to do the job. You are trying to tread on paths even angels dey fear to waka.
If you are smart enough, you will begin to build sporting federations who are less dependent on government funding, like NNPC-L, if you know what I mean.
When Trouble sleep, Yanga come wake am o… Wetin e dey fin n and…
You are talking yourself into a situation where the dreams and aspirations of young Nigerian sportsmen and women will be scuttled for lack of opportunity to compete on the global arena with their counterparts before they retire. That is another angle to the issue. Flirting with the big boys?
You wan’ pour san’ sand for young Nigerians’ them career? I assure you, you will not like what what you’d get by the time it’s over… You wan’ roast kaka abi? Don’t try it o. Tread softly, my broda…
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