Tuesday, July 23, 2024

EA Sports College Football 25 offense rankings: Who has best offense? – USA TODAY


Offense reigns supreme in college football. But which one is the best in EA Sports College Football 25?
As part of “rankings week,” EA Sports is revealing the best units in the upcoming video game before announcing the full team rankings Friday. Factors that determined offensive ratings included the players on the rosters, years of game film analysis and stats. The defensive rankings will be announced later Thursday.
Seeing who the top offensive and defensive teams are should give players an idea of where their favorite teams will rank when the full ratings are revealed later this week. There’s already debate about the rankings for the toughest places to play, so expect the team ratings to also cause some heated discussions.
Georgia is the top dog offensively in EA Sports College Football 25, with an offensive rating of 94. The Bulldogs’ offense is one of four rated in the 90s.


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