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Rugby Federation teams up with Flovale for global expansion – Premium Times


David Oludare, Secretary General, Nigerian Rugby Football Federation (NRFF), Opeoluwa Runsewe, CEO, Flovale Consulting and Ademola Are, President, NRFF, at the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding and Corporate Partnership Announcement between the NRFF and Flovale Consulting in Lagos on Tuesday
The Nigeria Rugby Football Federation (NRFF) is stepping up to expand the sport’s reach in the country and beyond.
Building on recent progress and recognising Nigeria’s vast rugby potential, the NRFF has partnered with Flovale, a business consulting and investment strategy firm.
The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between the two organisations in Lagos on Tuesday.
The media was briefed on the partnership’s goals, which were further elaborated on by key figures from both sides.
Opeoluwa Runsewe, CEO of Flovale, marked the occasion as a significant milestone in elevating Nigerian rugby to new heights. He emphasised the partnership’s significance for rugby and Nigerian sports as a whole.
“This partnership embodies the power of dreams and exemplifies the resilience and passion of the NRFF, the country, and the broader community,” Mr Runsewe said. “It’s a testament to unwavering commitment to fostering collaboration and investment within the sport.”
The partnership will encompass endorsements, corporate sponsorships, and other innovative strategies to propel Nigerian rugby forward. Maximising the sport’s commercial potential is another key objective.
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“We are truly honoured to work with the NRFF to achieve these goals,” Mr Runsewe concluded.
Highlighting the importance of engagement with key figures, he emphasised plans to involve the media, private sector, and others in propelling the game at all levels, particularly at the grassroots.
Echoing Runsewe’s enthusiasm, NRFF President Ademola Aare expressed confidence that the partnership with Flovale would usher in a new era of significant development for the federation, its players, and the rugby family.
“The NRFF is thrilled to partner with Flovale,” Mr Aare stated. “This collaboration marks a fresh start for the federation, empowering us to reach the next level. By promoting and marketing rugby, we aim to make it more popular across Nigeria.”
Mr Aare outlined the federation’s ambitious plans to cultivate a fanbase spanning primary, secondary, and university levels to establish rugby clubs nationwide.
According to the International Rugby Federation, he underscored Nigeria’s position as one of the world’s six fastest-growing rugby nations, expressing confidence that the partnership would propel the sport to even greater heights.
Both Mr Aare and Mr Runsewe emphasised the partnership’s potential to make a lasting impact. The Flovale CEO reiterated the collaborative effort to promote and market rugby globally while supporting Nigerian teams and fostering the development of the sport through the creation of competitive clubs at various levels.
Azeez Ladipo, General Manager of Rugby, highlighted the NRFF’s ongoing efforts to introduce rugby to at least 10 Nigerian states, with plans for further expansion.
He shared that 40 schools in Lagos State have already embraced the sport. Additionally, Mr Ladipo announced the commencement of the National Rugby Championship on 26 July in Ogun State, the host state for the South-West region.
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Davies Oludare, Secretary General of the NRFF, emphasised the partnership’s significance in transforming Nigerian rugby. He described the NRFF’s new strategic plan, developed with Flovale’s input, as a testament to the federation’s commitment to meaningful change.
The plan outlines eight vital strategic objectives, including building high-performing national teams and successful training environments.
It also targets transforming the NRFF into a world-class national sports organisation while integrating rugby into the heart of Nigerian communities.
The MOU signing ceremony concluded with the unveiling of NRFF’s two new logos, signifying a new era for Nigerian rugby.

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