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Onpassive, an American Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Information Technology (IT) company is set to begin operations in Nigeria by November.
This disclosure was made by the company’s founding members at the meet and greet celebration by the Nigerian founders abroad as part of activities to mark Nigeria’s independence, at the weekend in Lagos.
Nigerian OFounders at home and those in the diaspora are collaborating to celebrate the Onpassive Nigeria Vision at locations in Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Ibadan and Asaba.
One of the founding members, Charles Azih, said the concept of the firm is developing digital applications to solve business problems targeting all 5.5 million Internet users.
Azih noted that some of the products like the Omail, Onet under the Onetwork, which is a social media platform is still under test running by the founders but will be in public domain by the time the World Cup commences
He further noted that the vision behind launching the products in Nigeria is to give Nigerians a better opportunity of experiencing and enjoying organised physical and digital services
“All the products of Onpassive is coming out with over market value and coming with features and facilities that would be over the existing product in the market. No product is coming in with the same value they must give an extra value of the product coming in, the value gives the users more features for their money and it will come at a less cost,” he revealed.
Another founding member, Maureen Ndionyenma said Onetwork connects with a wider range and fast in its operations, which takes care of social interaction and the Ostaff, which is the human resources application.
She further noted that ONPASSIVE products will greatly impact the various sectors of the business world with the company’s Office is located in Florida, USA and our Tech. Hub is based in Hyderabad, India with global offices in Singapore and Dubai
Rafiu Sarumi, another founding member, said the company’s CEO, Ash Mufareh, who has magnanimously developed a unique business model to accommodate all classes of people in his dream to make the world a better place.
He noted that Onpassive zooming is different because it has limitless numbers of people speaking simultaneously and can accommodate about one million people, with the Omail, messages come in faster and accommodate more traffic than others.

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