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'Nigeria is source for global information tech talents' – Guardian Nigeria


Information Technology (IT) firm, Reeltech Business Solutions, has said despite huge tech talents leaving the country in droves, the future of technology in the country is still very bright.
Reeltech Business Solutions, Chief Executive Officer, Ayodeji Olaofe, Nigeria has become a destination ground for IT talents, as more companies abroad are looking for Nigerian experts to set up their IT infrastructure or implement their software.
He said Nigeria could benefit from the latest technologies if the government supports the IT sector.
However, Olaofe acknowledged that retaining talents is a major challenge for start-ups like his, as many IT professionals are tempted to leave the country for better opportunities abroad.
To cope with this challenge, he said, “We built our company to be a learning ground; we will always have young promising talents hungry for growth. So, while the ones that have acquired skills want to move forward, new shoots are sprouted.
“We have set aside rooms to serve as classrooms in our new office complex at Gbagada to train new talents. Also, we are training our staff and making them feel at home. We have people ready to take up the position when others leave. Our management sustainability drive focuses on creating a conducive working environment, better employee welfare, happy staff, and healthy relationships with team members,” he said.
The Reeltech boss believes that Nigeria has the potential to become a hub of innovation and technology in Africa and beyond if the government shows appreciable support to the sector.
“Government needs to invest in infrastructure that will drive growth. For instance, we need to start making things like SIM cards, chips, artificial intelligence, and robotic devices. Some of the guys who left this country (Japa), that’s what they do there. If the government shows sincere support, this Japa syndrome will be a kind that IT talents will use to gain exposure abroad and come back to invest. If we have the facilities and the support here, they can also stay and create innovations that can put Nigeria on the map,” he said.
Locally, he said the company works with businesses across industries, such as FCMB Pensions, where Reeltech has implemented an end-to-end pension fund administration solution to manage processes such as enrolment, contribution processing, and benefit payments; Dangote Farms Limited, where Reeltech customised and implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Dangote farm, a tomato processing plant to have a 360-degree view of its entire business process starting from planting, harvesting of farm produce, purchase of raw materials, warehousing, process manufacturing, quality control and test analysis as per specifications, to selling and distributions.
He said Reeltech, a Microsoft partner in Nigeria, is a company that helps businesses in almost all sectors of the economy by using technology to improve their work and strategies.

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