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Experts push for regenerative aesthetic in Nigeria with new technology – Guardian Nigeria


Industry players are making efforts to improve regenerative aesthetic in Nigeria by connecting physicians, dermatologists, surgeons, nurses, clinical staff and others to latest technologies.
The development, according to them would enable the country to get the best from Aesthetic Medicine, especially with latest machines such as Morpheus 8 and Hydracool Plus.
The experts gathered in Abuja at a workshop organised by Medica Group, Pharaon Healthcare with Expiation International and anchored by a renowned UK medical expert, Dr. Sach Mohan.
According to the organisers, the workshop was aimed at introducing the most innovative and performing equipment for Aesthetic Medicine by connecting Nigerian physicians to the latest technologies that could optimise results for their patients and their businesses.
They noted that while aesthetic beauty treatments are extremely diversified, there is a rise in requests for non-invasive treatments but with the same results as surgery.
To keep up with these changes, they noted that doctors who are seeking to increase their business cannot ignore the trends and resort to using innovative, proven technologies that excel in terms of effective results, quality, safety and are capable of being combined to create customised aesthetic procedures that best fit the needs of patient and bring the Nigerian aesthetic industry into the future.
Speaking at the event, Mohan, who is also the Founder, Revere Clinics, stated that the needs of international patients have changed with an increasingly strong demand for minimally invasive and completely holistic treatments that address multiple skin issues.
“I find it an honour to be given the opportunity to be working alongside InMode and their state-of-the-art aesthetic devices that have been designed to perform effective treatments that suit African skin. I firmly believe this is why the company finds itself as one of the first entrants into the continent.
“The ongoing learning, research and development on ground in Nigeria will also undoubtedly grow the wide range of treatments and help drive revenue for the first adopters dermatology clinics in the coming year,” he said.
At the event, a treatment station was operating with both InMode technology and EMA Aesthetics featuring diverse expert trainings and live chats on safety, settings, and science.
The organiser, Expiation International Projects Limited, pledged to continue to deliver exceptional services to skincare professionals across Nigeria, noting that it is a great milestone to be a first-grade medical goods supplier that delivers efficient and quality service to clients wherever they are based in the country.

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