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Here's The Meaning Of 'Ojapiano' Song Lyrics By Kcee – Mandy News


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If you love new and unique music, you need to listen to ‘Ojapiano’ by Kcee. It’s a song that mixes sounds from Nigeria and South Africa. Here, we’ll talk about what makes this song special.
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‘Ojapiano’ combines two types of music – Nigerian Oja music and South African Amapiano. This mix makes a catchy beat that’s fun to listen to. It’s a fresh sound that could start a new trend in music.
Kcee has said that he’s planning to release more songs like ‘Ojapiano’. If you’re excited to hear more, you can download ‘Ojapiano’ by Kcee in mp3 format online.
The lyrics of ‘Ojapiano’ tell a story about being strong and believing in yourself. The song encourages listeners to be confident and focused on their goals.
The word ‘Oja’ repeats in the chorus as a nod to Kcee’s Nigerian roots. One of the lines, ‘All eye on me like Tupac oh’, shows that Kcee is also inspired by international rap music.
‘Ojapiano’ is Kcee’s third song this year, after ‘Dum Dum’ and ‘Fine Lady’. It shows that Kcee is dedicated to making music and giving his fans new songs to enjoy.
(Kceeeeee Limpopooooooooooo)
E no easy to be wise oh
Na who dey lead be strong man oh
See as dem dey look oh, All eye on me like Tupac oh
I give them balenciaga, Richard Mille
I too bad oh, I no dey for your cheap chart oh, Carry your matter dey go TikTok oh
My gentle dey zongo o oh, I no dey look back oh
Nne you go see commando oh oh (When I land oh), Nne you go see commando oh oh (I don land oh), Nne you go see commando oh oh (When we land oh), Nne you go see commando oh oh (We don land oh)
(Agu agu agu agu)
Nba ana ba ra Agu (Ochendo Ochendo), Nwaanayo Eze ona consider, Kele rem Emoney, Nwataanayo ezе
‘Ojapiano’ is a song that brings together different music styles in a fun, unique way. It’s a great tune to listen to if you want to discover a new sound.
Ready to listen? Download ‘Ojapiano’ in mp3 format. And remember to check Mandy News for the latest news about Nigerian music.
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