Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Gmail will now let you translate mails on mobile: Here’s to use the feature – The Indian Express


Google has announced a new feature for its Gmail app that allows users to translate emails natively. The feature, which was previously available only on the web, is rolling out to Android and iOS devices starting today.
“For years, our users have conveniently translated emails in Gmail on the web to over 100 languages,” Google says in a blog post. “Starting today, we’re excited to announce a native translation integration within the Gmail mobile app that will enable you to seamlessly communicate in a wide range of languages.”
The feature works by detecting the language of the email content and displaying a banner at the top of the email that offers to translate it to the user’s set language. For example, if an email is in Spanish and the user’s language is English, they can tap on “Translate to English” to see the translated text.
Users can also dismiss the banner if they don’t want to translate the email, or opt to never translate emails from a certain language again. Additionally, users can customise their translation preferences in the settings, where they can select which languages they want to always or never translate.
* To translate a message, simply click on the “Translate” option at the top of your email.
* You can also dismiss the translation option, but it will reappear when Gmail detects that the email’s content is different from the set language.
* To turn off the Translate banner for a particular language, accept the “Don’t translate [language] again” prompt that appears when you dismiss the banner.
* If the system doesn’t detect another language, an option to manually translate the mail can be found in the three-dot menu.


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