Tuesday, July 23, 2024

ENNY Debuts "No More Naija Men" Music Video – HYPEBEAST


ENNY has officially dropped her latest single, “No More Naija Men.”
Clocking in at just a little over two minutes, the soulful track feature production from Emil and arrives with an accompanying music video directed by Otis Dominique. “I had writer’s block at the end of 2021. Then I had my first session with Emil, he’d been playing through some sick beats. Then, I hear these beautiful bongo drums alongside 4 simple chords. I was sold,” the South London rapper/singer shared in a statement.
She continued, “The head bopping & writing began. This song is a processing of things observed and felt. Conversations on interracial & intercultural love. And the ultimate conclusion that Nigerian men are mad. I want to keep alive the art of rapping and bring listeners into an unfamiliar yet familiar sound.”
Watch ENNY’s “No More Naija Men” music video above.
Elsewhere in music, Ice-T received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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