Tuesday, June 18, 2024

2023 a challenging year, says Edo senator


The Senator representing Edo South,  Neda Imasuen, has described 2023 as a challenging year.

He said the economic hardship, insecurity, and others that characterised the year stretched Nigerians to the limit.

The lawmaker elected on the platform of the Labour Party, therefore, commended his constituents and Nigerians in general for their resilience during the year.

Imasuen made his position known in his New Year message on Monday.

He urged the people to join him in the task of bringing succour to the Senatorial district, Edo State and Nigeria.

The senator promised to bring his people succour in the new year.

The message read, “The year 2023 was a challenging one that stretched our endurance as a people to the limit. Navigating the year, which had its fair share of economic hardship, insecurity, and other vices, took sheer resilience
and the grace of God.

“I must admit that as your representative in the Senate, I feel your pains, and I promise to do all within my human and legislative powers to bring you succour in the new year.

“As we move into 2024, I will ensure that I make and support legislation and policies that will improve your lives and ensure that good times return to my constituency, the state, and the entire country.

“Doing this will not be easy considering that I belong to a minority party, but I am as determined as ever to ensure that our people enjoy the benefits of democracy. I cannot do this alone, and I urge everyone to join me in the huge task of improving our lot.

“The journey will be rough, but we must persevere so that there will be ‘light at the end of our tunnel.’ Let us walk and work together as there is strength in numbers.”


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