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With their squashed little noses and wrinkled faces, flat-faced dogs such as Pugs, French Bulldogs, and English Bulldogs have become favourites among dog lovers and celebrities. n Sadly, their facial structure puts them at high risk of a range of health conditions, including breathing difficulties and eyes issues. In recent years, vets have raised serious concerns for these breeds’ safety and have urged potential owners not to buy them. Now, new figures published by The Kennel Club suggest that their pleas may have finally been heard, with flat-faced dogs declining in popularity in Britain by a third this year.
It’s a play that children in primary schools across the UK look forward to starring in every Christmas. But who would take on the leading roles if Hollywood cast a new movie based on The Nativity? To answer this burning question, MailOnline turned to ChatGPT. While the AI bot claims that producers would have to use CGI for Baby Jesus, it suggests a host of famous faces to take on the other roles. So, do you agree with its star-studded suggestions?
The public can listen to the ominous sounds that hinted the volcanic eruption was about to happen, thanks to an app developed at Northwestern University. Illinois.
NASA has made a giant leap for feline kind by broadcasting the first-ever cat video from space as a test for its state-of-the-art deep-space communications laser.
Experts have found that dogs with darker-coloured eyes are perceived as friendlier and less threatening.
NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope recently snapped a new photo of the ice giant spinning on its side.
Earth could look like Venus in just a few hundred years due to the ‘runaway greenhouse effect’ – a dramatic escalation in temperatures, report scientists at the University of Geneva. Runaway greenhouse effect can transform a temperate habitable planet with surface liquid water ocean into a hot steam dominated planet hostile to any life (artist’s depiction right).
An alien-hunting telescope in California picked up 35 mysterious bursts of energy shooting through deep space, which made a whistle noise when scientists converted them into sound.
Experts from Full Fact have revealed the six key signs that indicate a video is a deepfake – and say you should always pay close attention to the ears.
A new machine learning algorithm predicts personality traits, lifetime income, and even lifespan based upon the details of a person’s life. Scientists say tools like this could easily be misused.
Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin successfully launched and landed its reusable New Shepard rocket on Tuesday. This is the first mission in 15 months due to a craft malfunction that led to a flight ban.
The image of the ‘Christmas Tree Cluster’ shows the star -forming region with flickering lights and green ‘pine needles.’ This is the latest image of the cluster snapped by NASA. The cosmic tree sits within NGC 2264, located in the obscure constellation of Monoceros, the Unicorn, not far from the more familiar figure of Orion, the Hunter.
It might sound like a scene out of Avatar 2 . But scientists claim it’s now possible to have a conversation with a whale, following a 20-minute chat with a humpback whale in Southeast Alaska . A 38-year-old whale named Twain ‘spoke’ with the researchers from the SETI Institute and UC Davis by responding to a pre-recorded ‘contact call’. This marks the first communication between humans and whales in their own language, according to the team. Looking ahead, the researchers say the conversation could pave the way for interactions with aliens in the future.
A nine-year study of Vervet monkeys found that social traditions are transmitted through different communities of animals.
A report claims that Apple is not waving the white flag as it has just days until its smartwatches could be banned in the US due to claims the blood oxygen measurement was stolen from another company.
Last night, an earthquake swarm was followed by an eruption which tore open a 2.5-mile (4km) fissure of boiling lava. But just how bad could the eruption get? MailOnline spoke to experts to find out.
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is set to test self-service security screening kiosks at Harry Reid Airport in Las Vegas beginning in January 2024.
Anastasia Synn tells MailOnline she only got her first chip inserted in 2017 – but she’s already in the 2024 Guinness World Records book as the ‘most implanted person’. Functions of the tiny objects include opening locks with the wave of a hand, finding magnetic objects and even triggering shortcuts on a smartphone.
Apple has been forced to stop sales of the Apple Watch in the US due to a patent infringement lawsuit The tech giant violated a patent on light-based technology for reading biomarkers.
Psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, helped relieve chronic pain in mice, according to a new study. The pain relief lasted for weeks, long after the drug’s effects ended.
The sound of nails being dragged down a chalkboard sends shivers down most people’s spine and scientists revealed that the noise invokes and emotional response, rather than a reflex.
Astonishing videos show the full scale of the spectacular volcanic eruption in Iceland, with molten lava spewing into the sky from fissures in the ground.
The stunning shot shows a spooky object that was changing colour while stationary in the night’s sky, snapped from a balcony in Chicago. Depending on the observer, it resembles a mask, an alien face, an indigenous totem, or even Rafiki the monkey from The Lion King (right). Experts are baffled as to what it might be, although they called the image ‘beautiful and ‘spectacular’.
Forget Rudolph’s red nose – when it comes to finding their way at night, a new study has revealed that reindeers use ‘night vision goggles’.
Britain is known for its wide array of unique accents, but scientists now say that there might not be long left to hear the Lancashire accent as it could vanish within the next few generations.
Albert Lin is a real-life Indiana Jones, but while Indy relies on nothing more high-tech than his whip, Albert is using cutting-edge tech to search the whole world for history’s lost cities.
Scrolling on social media is the norm, but a study found how people use it reveals signs about their mental health. Chinese experts found not liking or commenting is linked to an anxiety disorder.
Hackers and scammers increasingly use Google search results to hide malicious download links. New research shows that as many as one-third of links for some popular tech products are suspect.
While the stars will have to wait until 7 January to find out their fate at the Golden Globes, we let curiosity get the better of us and enlisted AI to help predict the results.
Kaeden Patel is like any teenager – he loves video games, sports and eating too much candy. But unlike most boys his age, the 13-year-old makes a six-figure salary after starting up his own company.
Local teen girl says ‘alien’ jet-pack attackers spread a ‘burning’ cream on her face. Prosecutors believe the 7-ft ‘aliens’ are an illegal Colombian gold-mining cartel with the tech
You might be surprised to learn the thwack of a tennis racket on ball has actually been shown to put the bounce back into your life.
‘We got ripped off,’ Representative Tim Burchett said after Congress stripped two critical provisions from the bill that would force governments to reveal UFO secrets to the public. The legislation passed with the annual defense spending bill was designed to mandate governments disclose records on ‘technologies of unknown origin and non-human intelligence.’ However, Congress pulled the plug on a review board to sift through each case and gave governments full possession of all recovered ‘non-human technology’ currently kept by private entities like defense contractors
One person who knows all too well how easy it is to get tricked on the dating app is Cecilie Fjellhoy, who was famously duped by the ‘Tinder Swindler’.
This year, more than half of all younger kids in Britain, aged eight and under, will be checking Santa Claus’ Christmas Eve progress online. Find out how to keep tabs yourself using NORAD.
Space Force’s chief said it is ‘extremely interested’ in China’s covert CSSHQ spacecraft. But photos of this Chinese rival to Space Force’s classified X-37B craft have yet to leak
Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC ) shows that since around 2000, women have shrunk by nearly half an inch on average, while men are down about a tenth of an inch.
It’s a meal that many of us look forward to all year. But what exactly are the best items in a British Christmas Dinner? While many of us see the Roast Turkey, Goose or Ham as the main event, others prefer the trimmings, whether it’s pigs in blankets, stuffing, or even Brussels Sprouts. With just 10 days to go before we get to devour our Christmas Dinner, MailOnline asked ChatGPT to rank the elements on the meal. So, do you agree with the AI chatbot’s ranking?
NASA released new photos of the remnants of the Cas A supernova star looking like a Christmas ornament in celebration of the holiday season.
Scientists from the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology have discovered that one teenage Tyrannosaur’s last meal consisted of two tiny dinosaur babies.
A former Apple employee has spilled industry secrets for keeping iPhone batteries powered longer. The ex-sales rep told users to never charge smartphones to 100%, along with other hacks.
The first in the trio is a King Charles II silver Pattern crown, which has been valued by auctioneers at £400,000.
The EU has launched an ‘illegal content’ probe into Elon Musk’s X for allegedly breaching new social media regulations and allowing the spread of hate speech and misinformation on the platform.
The High Court heard today how Stonehenge is at risk of being delisted if a road tunnel near the project goes ahead.
Betelgeuse, a ‘Red Sun’ 642.5 light-years away, will disappear for 12 seconds this Monday night. The bright supergiant star will be masked by an ultra-rare asteroid ‘occultation’
Gen Z believes the danger of everyday life is ‘black and white,’ a new study shows. The younger generation looks to the outside world as having higher risks based on their past experiences.
The new ‘Stolen Device Protection’ setting promises to keep passwords and iCloud safe. The update follows a wave of copycat iPhone thefts across the US
Researchers used infra-red eye-tracking cameras to record where the primates gazed when they were shown side-by-side images of other bonobos or chimps.
Blue Origin was forced to scrub the launch of its New Shepard rocket on Monday due to a ground issue. The Jeff Bezos-owned company said the mission could happen later this week.
Researchers in Romania found narcissists tend to have an inflated sense of self importance, which can show up as a need for admiration – which can be gained through social media ‘likes’.
Google Maps has made a big change to its look as it overhauls its classic colour scheme. Social media users and accessibility experts have criticised the change, calling it ugly and unhelpful.
The U.S. is no longer the leader in technology and science, with 75% of STEM-related workers saying China will become the leader within five years, according to a new report.
Google handed out notebooks containing a bizarre joke about cotton at a meeting for black tech workers this summer. The company blamed a third party vendor.
While users previously had to manually create these cartoons, WhatsApp now lets you create them within seconds – using a selfie.
The world’s largest lithium supply has been discovered lurking in a California lake. The Salton Sea has enough white gold to meet the US’s demand for decades and power 375 million EVs.
A new report by Uswitch has revealed the festive items that can stall your signal.
Researchers from Hanyang University in Korea found that people aged 13 to 18 who used their phone for less than two hours a day had a lower risk of depression, sleep issues and stress.
A study has found indoor pollution in people’s homes is higher on Christmas Day than any other day, and a major cause is likely to be preparing a festive meal with all the trimmings.
A great white shark washed ashore on Bridgewater Beach in Australia in October. Its belly had been ripped open. Now scientists have confirmed who killed the giant predator.
Just like humans and chimps, mice are able to recognise their own reflections in a mirror, according to a team from the University of Texas.
If you’ve always dreamed of seeing the Northern Lights, make sure you have your eyes to the skies this evening.
Police said on Monday they ‘strongly discourage’ people from using kitchen appliances to warm up EV batteries, which are highly-sensitive to temperature and can become less efficient in the cold.
The Siegedsec group made no demands for money, and security experts suggest that the hackers are doing their attacks ‘for fun’, suggesting they may be aged 18-25.
Cybercriminals use search terms such as ‘how to make money online’ and ‘ Taylor Swift ‘ as a trap to get unsuspecting users to download malware that lets hackers steal your money and data.
Ranging in age from 10 to 19, the plaintiffs say the warming planet is threatening age-old agricultural industries and cultures while triggering mass climate anxiety.
Microscopic ‘anthrobots’ built from human lung cells could roam around in a person’s body and repair damaged tissues. Scientists hope they will one day help treat diseases.
IPhone users can invite Android users to a FaceTime call through a simple link located on the FaceTime app.
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