Sunday, July 14, 2024

SDP chairman laments insecurity in Zamfara


The National Chairman of the Social Democratic Party, Shehu Gabam has lamented the insecurity in Zamfara State.

He has also urged Nigerians to unite and bring about change for the peaceful co-existence of the country.

Speaking while he was presented with an Excellence Award 2023, on Sunday, in his office, Gabam, expressed concern about how women were being raped, kidnapped, and assaulted by bandits.

Gabam said watching a video clip of how women and girls were molested in Zamfara was something that could not be explained.

Gabam said, “Just like the insecurity happening in Zamfara State is quite appalling, people get killed in their houses, their women raped, others taken away into villages.

“I was watching a video clip of these bandits, which touched my heart, and I was shocked. So, I sent the video to an elder statesman, and he phoned me and said this situation could not be explained by anybody. So, for a people with history, religion, and culture to behave this way is disheartening. Even during the Dark Ages, this did not happen.

He continued, “And this is happening in Nigeria today. It is very pertinent to come back to our senses and make a change. In the last 40 years, many have the history of the North in terms of good behaviour.

He noted that previously, orphans were picked up on the streets and trained, but now that has stopped, he is wondering what went wrong.

He added, “Anywhere one goes is afraid of his life; we have never been in this kind of situation.

He, therefore, urged all to ensure that Nigeria remains peaceful and developed at all times, saying that if the country is in chaos, nobody can have free access to everyday activities.


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