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Dambe: Could Nigerian combat sport lure UFC fans – BBC.com


Dambe is an ancient Hausa martial art, practiced in northern Nigeria for centuries.
It's popularity is growing and online videos of the fights have gathered millions of views worldwide.
A young Nigerian fighter takes part to the first Emir Cup in Kano and attempts to forge a career in this brutal martial arts tradition.
Produced and edited by Marco Oriunto & Mark Sedgwick
Filmed by Iffiokabasi Ettang & Joshua Akinyemi
Fourteen hours and over 880km from Ghana to Ivory Coast. Would you do that to support your team?
A blast in a Nigerian city has killed two people and injured 77 others.
Tracy Rabi is a teenage money expert from Tanzania who is on a mission to teach other children about finance and entrepreneurship.
Former church insiders on how the late pastor stage-managed his "miracles".
Former church insiders on the thousands of people who flocked to meet TB Joshua in search of a cure.
Listen to the cellist who blends the deep throat singing of the Xhosa people with playing the instrument.
The Africa Cup of Nations kicks off while European football is still underway. But what is it like for a player to leave during the season?
Dambe is an ancient Hausa martial art, practiced in northern Nigeria for centuries.
Some of eligible voters in DR Congo have struggled to cast their ballots in the presidential elections.
DR Congo's 44 million voters have been voting for their next president despite to lengthy delays.
Three years ago, we met 11-year-old Anthony Madu, a Nigerian boy who loved ballet. Now he's a ballet student in the UK.
The blast at the African country's only oil refinery blew out the windows of local houses, witnesses say.
A priest remembers how a queer-affirming church in Kenya changed his life and his calling to priesthood.
Despite Africa holding 60% of global solar resources, only 3% of energy investments flow into the continent.
Moscow continues to foster close relationships with various countries in sub-Saharan Africa.
A state of emergency is declared in the country after massive blast at an industrial area.
Four Kenyans have won a legal battle against MSF, Marie Stopes International and a state-run hospital.
Rising temperatures are putting the health of endangered mountain gorillas at risk.
Armed men attacked a military barracks and a prison in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone on November 26th.
A German schoolgirl was inspired to help a period poverty campaigner after reading about her on the BBC.
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