Tuesday, June 18, 2024

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Our Impact of Technology on the Workplace report reveals unique 2024 insights about remote work, AI, cybersecurity and more.
Is your new year’s resolution a new fully remote job? We’ve rounded up the most interesting vacancies at the best companies.
Amazon has added three new AI Alexa skills to kick-off 2024, but what are they and how can you use them? Here’s the lowdown.
Whatsapp has debuted a sticker editing tool on mobile for the first time, provided you’re using iOS 17 and newer.
Helped by its early lead in the race to monetize generative AI attracted investors, Microsoft is now at the top of the class.
“Don’t mess with us,” the company warns defiant employees who refuse to return to the office.
The new Wi-Fi standard provides faster speeds, increased capacity, and reduced latency for your internet connection.
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At Tech.co, we believe that getting the right tech matters. It matters when you’re spending your hard-earned money on a product that should work for your needs, and last for years. It matters when you have a limited budget and big growth targets to hit. The right tech can be the difference between understanding your customers and reaching more of them, or losing them altogether.
We understand the challenges your business faces, and aim to demystify the process of choosing the right tech solutions, with simple, easy-to-understand reviews and clear advice guides. Our recommendations are fully impartial, based on in-depth research and always jargon-free.
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We review the best ecommerce website builders on the market, from Shopify to Wix, to help you find the perfect online store.
The best ELD devices on the market today can supercharge your business. Here are the features and benefits to know.
Besides its popular free plan, Zoom offers a range of paid solutions for business, education and more. But are they worth it?
Choosing a free asset tracking service comes with pros and cons. Here, find which ones to opt for and which to avoid.
The right POS system will streamline your restaurant’s operation, from orders and payments to the entire accounting process.
A smart POS system is an essential part of running any successful store.
These are the best website builders for beginners, based on our extensive and impartial testing.
The popular CRM increased its prices in 2023. Here’s what Salesforce costs in 2024 and what you get for your money.
Today’s multi-line phone systems offer great flexibility and call quality, with no need for endless equipment.
If you think Google Voice is good but not great, here are the best alternatives to consider switching to.
Hotels need a great phone network and we recommend getting set up with a VoIP system for lower costs and improved efficiency.
These apps offer business and personal use options to help you stay connected with people all around the world.
Here are the top seven best VoIP desk phones, ranked and rated. Plus, a peek at the best VoIP softphone options.
Softphone apps enable free and low-cost calls from devices such as your personal smartphone or business computer.
Project Management Software can transform the way teams operate in your business.
Our hands-on ClickUp testing evaluated its functions and tools vs top competitors like monday.com and Wrike.
monday.com is a feature rich program, but are the tools available actually useful for managing projects?
Need a cheap way to record the road while you’re taking a trip? Here are the top dash cam apps to consider.
QuickBooks Online’s pricing model provides a number of different plans for particular businesses. We explain the true costs.
Geotab has good-but-not-great features, but comes with unbeatable 24/7 phone support that may make it the dependable pick.
Building a website shouldn’t cost the earth – and it doesn’t have to with these great cheap web builders
We rank the best phone brands including Samsung, Apple, Google, and maybe some unexpected names as well.
The Apple iPad 10.9 and iPad Air are both excellent tablets, with hundreds of millions sold to date.
In this guide, we help you make the important decision between a Chromebook, Windows laptop or Apple MacBook.


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