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The global recognition in Nigeria’s entertainment industry has evolved over the years making it known worldwide compared to its primitive days.
Due to its global recognition, rumours have it that most celebrities in the industry, practice blood rituals, witchcraft and even into secret cults in order to clinch fame and make a name for themselves in the world of entertainment.
Threading this part, these so-called Nigerian celebrities in order to become more famous, popular and successful in their careers, partake in all sorts of rituals, as well as secret cults for power and also business tycoons are known for their involvement in this act.
Blood rituals, commonly referred to as “juju,” are a component of traditional African religions and entail the use of human or animal blood sacrifice to evoke supernatural powers, many believed blood rituals are common in the entertainment industry in other to become well known and successful.
With the accusations coming from different perspectives, the Nigerian entertainment sector has long been the focus of blood rituals.
Few musicians and actors have been charged with using juju to advance their careers. In the case of musicians, they are to carry out special rites before writing a hit song or taking the stage. While actors and actresses are used to land movie roles or advance their careers.

With this outburst discovered by Nigerian
celebrities in the entertainment industry, many have been accused of practising jazz or engaging in rituals by other celebrities.
Award-winning artist, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun popularly known as Wizkid has been accused of a blood ritual.
A video-making round of Wizkid’s record label signing Alo Innas appeared on his Twitter in 2017. Soon after, they had an amicable breakup.
During a radio interview, Alo Innas allegedly accused Wizkid of maintaining a shrine in his home and also consults oracles before signing any new musician.
This allegation was made after Wizkid tweeted about Alo Innas claiming he could not take risks. Wizkid tweeted “Alo Innas could not take risk. This allegation was fueled by Wizkid’s remarks on Alo Innas.
Even though Wizkid has not directly verified it, many people believed this tweet to be a reference to the temple and oracle.
Nigerian famous artist Olamide is another prominent artist who was charged with performing rituals by a different celebrity.
During an interview with Pulse Nigerian investigative Journalist and blogger, Kemi Olulonyo accused Olamide of visiting ritualists.
Another Nigerian singer that was accused was Skiibii by Harrisong. Skiibii was accused by Harrisong of entering a cult earlier this year.
Harrysong also said that Skiibii insulted him and his wife because Skiibii had grown bolder since joining a cult and using juju.
This accusation has affected the Nigerian entertainment sector by creating a bad image for the industry and It is impossible to overlook these claims
Many people working in the sector now feel threatened and suspicious, and others feel under pressure to use these tactics in order to succeed as a result of the rumours and claims.
The Nigerian government has taken action in response to these accusations.
The Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) prohibited the broadcasting of songs and films in 2014 that advocate for blood rites, violence, and other undesirable societal vices.
However, the decision was made by NBC in an effort to reduce the impact of such programming on society, particularly among young people who are the primary consumers of entertainment content.
In order to confront these charges and develop a good perception of the profession that emphasizes talent and hard work rather than rumours and superstition, the government, artists, and industry insiders must collaborate and look into these challenges with keen interest to put a lasting solution to rebuilding its image.
Even if the claims are challenging to verify, they have contributed to a poor impression of the business and instilled apprehension and suspicion among those who work there.

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© 2023 All right reserved. New Telegraph,  Nigeria


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